Rehab Therapy

Active Myofascial Release(AMT) : Whether you have been in Chronic Pain for years,  or recovery from something new such as Recent Injury, Work Related Injury, Car Accident or (recovering or post-pone) Surgery AMT can help you reach your pain relief goals from where you are to where you want to be so you can get back to enjoying the little things in life!

Targeted Session – Ideally for individuals who need pain relief in one area. The targeted session is perfect if you’re short on time but could use bodywork. (45 minutes)

Extended Session – Recommended for those who have (acute/chronic) pain in 2-3 areas that needs a strong focus. Session averages 75 minutes.

Restorative Massage

Maybe all you need is a full body relaxing massage to take the stress levels down a notch.

We hold our stress and emotions within our bodies and the power of touch in a place where you can escape for an hour works wonders.

(Full body massage at 60 minutes is equivalent to 7-8 hours of sleep.)

Included in session: focus on areas YOU KNOW you’re feeling tension; aromatherapy; and warm packs to ensure your body relaxes.


    “I love Resilience Medical Massage. The targeted massage helped me resolve some lower back problems that have been plaguing me for a long time. After several sessions it was 100% better” -M.D.

    Sports Massage

    Pre-Event – The goal of this session is to increase circulation, flexibility and range of motion! Massage techniques, stretching and at home actions will be tailored to have you set for your race or game! Highly recommend to receive 60 mins.

    Post-Event – Its highly recommend to receive a 60 min massage 3-5 days after your race/game!

    Reason being is:

    “If you do run a strenuous interval session or long run the day after a massage, you’re simply contracting your muscles, introducing more waste products, and further dehydrating muscles—which won’t boost the benefits of massage.  If possible, it’s also helpful to schedule your massage after an easy run, not a hard workout or long run. Ideally, you want your muscles to be relatively relaxed and not in a very fatigued state.”


    See why millions of people are implementing forms of stretching into their daily routines! Stretching increases flexibility as a given but it serves more benefits than just leaving you feeling “looser”. Many of my clients feel as if they just received a full body massage after just one stretching session! It leaves you feeling lighter and relaxed!

    Benefits of stretching:

    • Reduces Muscles soreness
    • Reduces muscle soreness post workout
    • Increases flexibility
    • Improves sleep
    • Reduces stress levels
    • Gives you insight & awareness of your body
    • Shows you where you’re tight or restricted at
    • Helps you to maintain throughout work day

    Single Session Rates

    • 45 mins – $68
    • 60 mins – $88
    • 75 mins – $108
    • 90 mins – $118



    • 4 – 60 mins – $332
    • 8 – 60 mins – $624