Maintenance Program

Coming Fall 2019

Have you been looking to add massage therapy to your self-care routine? Our maintenance program is a step in the right direction for you.

Looking to hold yourself accountable and have someone to show up to help you with your pain management?

Resilience Medical Massage will have a monthly program to help you keep consistent, feel restored and resilient!

“I work as a direct care nurse at a Trauma-1 hospital. About a month ago, a lower back muscle strain that I sustained while working out at the gym forced me to go on short-term disability. After a few weeks of steady progress in rehab, I had a significant muscle flareup. Worried about my recovery, I sought out Kay‘s help. From the beginning, Kay has been professional and thorough in her assessments and explanations of my muscle imbalances, injury and how our sessions and my homework for our sessions can aid my recovery. Every week, we made good progress towards resolving my underlying muscle issues. When I first saw her, my pain was at a 6.5/10. Now, I have very mild intermittent pain. Even though my acute lower back muscle strain has resolved, I am working with Kay to continue to address my underlying muscle issues. Through my work with her, I have realized that I need to commit to a long-term, preventative program of wellness.”