First Time Service

“One of the best therapists I know! Kay Knows her stuff and also educated me on things I could do to help my shoulder regain full range of motion. Totally awesome! I highly recommend her to anybody!”

- Jonathan Woolard

If this is your first time in the office, I will need you to fill out an intake form prior to the session.

I advise you to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the first session to fill out paperwork. (Keep this in mind when scheduling so you can include traffic timing, intake form & restroom break before stepping into the treatment room).

I give an assessment before every session. The assessment helps me figure out how to narrow down where tightness and restrictions lie but most of all how this problem likely originated! I make note of where you are with your pain levels and your current range of motion in the area of complaint. Then, I educate you on how muscles function, connect and referral pain patterns. With this in mind, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL FIRST SESSIONS ARE 60-90 minutes!

How I Work

Service includes:

  • Consultation
  • Assessment
  • Hands on Education
  • Self Care Education

Before getting started I will advise you to either remove partial clothing, most clothing, or staying fully dressed all together *(being I feel this method is best I will recommend loose or stretchy clothing moving forward) I will tell you which way to lay on the table before stepping out to wash up and allow you time to get situated.

I generally like to work restricted areas first then work the area of complaint, reason being is I like to address the problem from the ROOT! If you’re in need of pain management wouldn’t it make sense to work on where/what hurts AND address the reason WHY? With that said I take information I found from the assessment and apply it on the table

After your session I will give you my recommendation tailored to YOU and YOUR body! In closing I will give you posture advice & stretches to help you with your recovery process.