Massage is a luxury.

A few people feel that the only time they should get a massage is when they’re in the mood to splurge and treat themselves. While massage is a healthy choice if you’re treating yourself, its value holds a lot of benefits that you could utilize in your selfcare routine.

If you work a stressful, inactive or physical job then I highly recommend receiving bodywork at least 1-2 times per month. Many professionals understand why I consider that time frame as a necessity for them.

We hold stress in our bodies. Common areas: neck, shoulders & lower back. Bi-monthly bodywork for individuals with high-stress jobs keeps anxiety levels down, tension headaches decreased, and increases morale.

Doing repetitive motions trains our bodies to get use to the patterns we do daily. This causes one area of the body to become tighter and stronger in certain areas while the rest of the body plays catch up. Weekly or bi-monthly sessions allow you to be able to maintain on the job and increases your chances of being more comfortable at rest.

If your job requires you to be sedentary for long hours (sitting/standing) then you’re training your muscles to keep still for long periods of time, which can create atrophy and tension patterns.

For those who stand all day, common areas are the back, (primarily lower) hips, and feet.

For those who sit all day, common areas are: neck, back, shoulders, and hands.

Not getting enough movement leads to the body tightening up and creating knots and tension. Depending on the job, people benefit from either once a week or once a month.

Knowing what causes tension in your body is powerful! It gives you the liberty to work on making changes. Having resources to help you maintain is not something I advise putting off. Keep healthy with routine massage and train your body to not only know how to handle pain or tension, but how to relax on a regular basis.